Show project «Wonder Piano of Oleg Ryskin»

Show-Project “Wonder Piano of Oleg Ryskin” is an incredibly new and a bright phenomenon in the social and cultural life.

Oleg’s masterly and harmonious solo performance includes a great variety of well-known pieces of the most famous and notorious musicians of the world. He is a prize winner of many international contests.

This unique solo-project is delivered to the audience in a modern “cross-over” style, which is very popular nowadays. “Cross-over” style, according to Oleg’s words is a very unique combination and conjunction of pop and classical music’s elements in a very harmonic way. It’s a new wave in the development of classical music that gives it an opportunity to widen its potential. This incredible potential makes it really powerful and popular in the modern world.

Tremendously masterful and brilliant in its new interpretation performance of such pieces as: "Flight of the Bumblebee" (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), "Caprice #5" (Niccolo Paganini), "Sabre Dance" (Aram Khachaturian ), Finale of Pathetic Sonata #8 (Ludwig van Beethoven), variations of "Romeo and Juliet" (Giovanni "Nino" Rota), "Storm" (Antonio Vivaldi), "Skylark" (Grigoras Dinicu), "Luna Tu" (Alessandro Safina, Romano Musumarra), "Magic Stradivarius" (Edvin Marton), "Canto de la Terra" (Andrea Bocelli), soundtrack to the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" (Klaus Badelt) and many other pieces allows the audience to take a look at the classical music from a completely different angle.

High professional proficiency and masterful performance of pianist Oleg Ryskin is amazing. Oleg brings joy and pleasure to millions and millions of admirers of music all over the world by using his gift fully and brilliantly. His show is totally breathtaking!