Welcome to the personal site of Oleg Ryskin, laureate of international contests, composer and musician. The most sacred and precious thing for Oleg Ryskin is Music. The music that is created by his favorite piano has become Oleg’s Ryskin since the age of 5 when he first started playing it.

This love to the soft and tender notes of the piano has brought his, as many other gifted kids, to the hometown music school. Oleg’s parents made sure that the talent of their little child will be properly developed. Here in the school, his teachers noticed how studious and persistent he is. The teachers foresaw the star future for this little boy and they were right. The prediction came true. But even they couldn’t predict how successful their student will become and how high up the music career ladder he will climb.

Now they can proudly remark that they have helped Oleg to create an outstanding foundation for sparkish and terrific future in the music sphere. After the music school, Oleg studied in the Lviv National Music Academy.

Here in the Academy in 2005, he was offered to become a Soloist of the Lviv State Philharmonic Orchestra. At that point, he was just a young man and his studies weren’t finished yet, he didn’t even present his thesis yet. It was a crucial moment in his life. It’s a great honour to become a part of the main orchestra of the region as a pianist. The decision had to be made quickly and he accepted the offer, because not many people in his age get such a great chance

Starting from 2007 Oleg has become a member of Union of Composers of Ukraine. It seems like a lot has been accomplished, but Oleg Ryskin does not stop pursuing more and more. Every year he takes part in dozens of concerts, records his own music in the studio and does many more to impress us with his perfect preparedness and performing talent.
Every time when asked about his career and accomplishments, he replies with a shy smile that even though many things have been done, he would like to be able to do even more on the everyday basis.